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Canthoplasty “Cat Eye” Lift Miami, FL

Canthoplasty Cat Eye Lift Miami, FL

Canthoplasty Cat Eye Lift Miami, FL

Canthoplasty “Cat Eye” Lift, Miami, As we age, the skin around our eyes naturally loses collagen and elasticity. This often results in an unappealing drooping or sagging of the lower eyelids which is caused by lower lid tendon laxity.

The dropping and sagging of the lower eyelids are often coupled with under-eye bags, which usually make people look tired or sad.

Apart from aging, there are some other factors that can cause the lower eyelids to sag. These may include overexposure to the sun, eye trauma, paralysis, hereditary conditions, as well as lifestyle choices such as smoking or excessive intake of alcohol intake.

People with dropping or saggy lower eyelids often require canthoplasty to correct a previous eye surgery that left them with lower lid complications.

Canthoplasty alters the shape of your eye to create a more almond-shaped and cat-eye appearance. It can make your eyes appear larger and brighter.

What is Canthoplasty?

Canthoplasty “Cat Eye” Lift, Miami is a reconstructive surgical procedure that is used to correct drooping or sagging eyes. The procedure involves tightening the muscles or ligaments that provide support to the outer corners of your eyelid.

It is performed at the outer corner of the eye known as the canthus. It is the section where the upper and lower eyelids meet, known as the lateral canthus.

Canthoplasty is used to tighten saggy, drooping, and loose lower eyelids. It can also be used to reshape and reposition the lateral canthus.

Depending on your needs and condition, a canthoplasty may be combined with other eyelid and periocular surgeries, such as blepharoplasty, ptosis surgery, brow lift, and mid-face lift.

How is canthoplasty done?

The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia, and you may be given intravenous sedation. The procedure varies among patients. The overall aim is to cut the lower canthal tendon and then reposition or tighten it.

To access the lower canthal tendon, your surgeon will make an incision at the outer corner of your eyelid and then lift, tighten, and reposition the lateral canthal tendon. Your surgeon will then secure it in place using sutures to give the eye a larger, brighter, and almond shape.

When making the incision, your surgeon will take great care to make the incision within your eyelid’s natural crease, so as to minimize the scarring present after surgery.

This procedure usually takes between 1-2 hours to be completed depending on the method used.

Recovery after the procedure

You may experience soreness, bruising and swelling after the surgery. These will typically subside after 7-10 days. Ensure that you keep your head elevated at all times and get as much rest as you can.

Avoid rubbing the treatment area, do not apply make up for a week and avoid exercises.

You may notice an alteration to your eyesight, but this should only be temporary. Normal vision will return without medical intervention.

Avoid straining your eyes as much as possible after surgery. Avoid staring at your phones, reading or watching TV.

Use a shield to cover and protect your eyes.

Full recovery is usually between 2-4 weeks. Ensure you follow all your surgeon’s instructions and keep to any scheduled follow-up appointments so you can recover faster.

Cost of canthoplasty in Miami, FL

The cost of canthoplasty varies depending on the location, provider, experience of the surgeon, and other related expenses.

The procedure is a cosmetic treatment; hence it is not covered by insurance. This means you will need to bear the full cost by yourself.

The cost of canthoplasty ranges from $3,000 to $8,000.

What are the risks of canthoplasty surgery?

The risks of canthoplasty can be greatly minimized if it is done by an experienced and skilled oculoplastic surgeon. The risks that may occur include:

  • Excess bleeding
  • Infection
  • Asymmetry shape of the eyes
  • Allergic reactions to the anesthesia used

Cat Eye Surgery Recovery Time

After a cat eye surgery, you need about two weeks to recover from the surgery and it takes about 10 days before you can return to work. Maximum results for this surgery are usually noticeable after 6 weeks.

Cat Eye Lift Surgery in Miami, FL

Cat Eye Lift surgery involves making a tiny incision close to the bottom of the eyelid. Through the incision, excess fat, muscle, and skin are removed to achieve a much tighter eyelid that looks like a cat eye. General or local anesthesia is administered before the surgery commences to prevent pain.

Canthoplasty Miami, FL

Canthoplasty is a surgical procedure and should be done by a board-certified surgeon or aesthetician with many years of experience. If you’re looking to undergo canthoplasty in Miami, we recommend that you contact MD Ageless Solutions.

Eye Lift Miami, FL

If you’re looking to address droopy and sagging eyelids, and lift your eyelids, there are options available. Get in touch with us at MD Ageless Solutions for your eye lift treatment.

Cat Eye Lift Before And After

Cat Eye Lift Before And After

Cat Eye Lift Before And After

Before an eye lift surgery, an individual will have sagging and drooping eyelids that may even affect vision as the eyes aren’t as open as they should be. But after the cat eye lift surgery, the shape of the eye is improved and better vision is achieved as the eye is more open without saggy or loose skin.

Canthoplasty Near Me

With a simple and quick Google search of “Canthoplasty Near Me,” you will find a number of oculoplastic surgeons near you. If you’re located in Miami, we encourage you to contact us at MD Ageless Solutions to have Canthoplasty surgery.

How To Get A Cat Eye Lifted Naturally.

It’s possible to get a cat eye lift naturally by doing the following things.

  • Performing eye exercises.
  • Hydrate yourself properly and minimize alcohol and salty food consumption.
  • Slice up cucumbers and position them on your eyes.
  • Stay away from excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Improve your quality of sleep.

Why Do People Undergo Canthoplasty?

Why Do People Undergo Canthoplasty

Why Do People Undergo Canthoplasty

People undergo canthoplasty to achieve a lifted eye by getting rid of dropping or sagging skin in their eyelids. Canthoplasty is also done to improve the shape of the eye and make it more open. This procedure tightens the skin on the eyelid region and improves the shape of the eyes.


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