The Liquid Facelift

Non-Surgical Ways To Give Your Face A Lift

Nature is fairly subtle about changing your face, so why shouldn’t we be subtle as well? Very few people want to announce to the world that they’ve had ‘work done’.

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Most of us prefer that people comment on how ‘great we’re looking’. (Did you just get back from vacation? You look so relaxed! Those are the remarks we cherish.

Fortunately, the science of anti-aging and aesthetics is advancing rapidly. It’s no longer necessary to disappear for two or three weeks and return to your world with a new visage.

If you are bothered by wrinkles, laugh lines or parentheses, sagging jaw line, frowning or sallow cheeks . . . there are non-surgical, subtle methods of restoring your face.

1. The Gold Standard, Of Course, Is Botox.

Originally approved for cosmetic use in 2002, Botox has helped more than 3 million patients in this country alone. The procedure lasts 15 min, causes minimal discomfort, and is affordable enough to be repeated several times a year.


  • leaves the skin smoother,
  • smoothes laugh lines and frown lines,
  • and tightens sagging cheeks and jowels.
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The improvement lasts for about four months.*

2. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a newer procedure that is fast gaining in popularity.

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The principle behind this treatment is that our faces lose subcutaneous fat as we age. With facial muscles closer to the surface, frown lines and wrinkles become more obvious.

By injecting the face with a benign material, we can make thin lips look fuller, soften creases and deep wrinkles, and improve the general tone and appearance of the skin.

3. Facial Fat Transfer

Another effective treatment is facial fat transfer.

This combines several treatments, including:

  • dermal filler
  • plus PRP (platelet rich plasma)
  • plus stem-cell therapy
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… all harnessing the rejuvenating powers of your own body. The procedure harvests cells from other places, such as the buttocks or the blood, and injects them into facial tissue.

As a result, younger tissue begins to regenerate in places where you need it: youthful cheeks, smooth complexion, and a soft, natural look. The pleasing appearance can last for years.

4. A Fourth Technique Is Called Ultherapy.

This is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical procedure specifically designed for lifting the face and neck.

The treatment lasts about an hour and there is no downtime. Ultherapy uses ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen growth under the skin of the face, neck and décolletage.
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Ultrasound is ultra-safe, and has been used in the medical field for more than 50 years.

At this point, more than 350,000 patients have been treated with Ultherapy.

Liquid Facelift

The beauty of these non-surgical treatments is that they don’t work against your body, they work with it.

For instance, PRP uses cells extracted from your blood that contain growth factors. It’s a procedure that’s been used for decades to speed healing after surgery. Elite athletes are administered PRP treatment, because their careers depend on swift recovery after an injury.

Call us today and we can decide together which treatment is most appropriate for your skin type, your age and your lifestyle. The good news is: There are a number of options, each one less invasive than the pioneering techniques from a generation ago. Liquid facelift is the right option.

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