Vampire Facelift

What is the vampire Facelift?

The Vampire Facelift involves two procedures: The first phase involves the use of dermal fillers like Juviderm, to correct lost volume in critical areas where volume had been lost with aging. Most commonly in the lateral brow, under the eyes, cheeks, corner of the mouth and oral commissures. The second part of the procedure consist in injecting PRP and growth factors on the same areas. PRP it’s a truly regenerative treatment that involves harvesting the body’s own wound healing and regenerative growth factors to improve skin texture, as well as age-related changes like fine lines and laxity.

What is it good for?

This procedure is designed to treat fine lines and slight sagging on the lower part of the face and to treat laxity in the décolleté area, as well as cleavage crepiness. It can also be used to treat acne scars, crow’s feet, thin lips, under eyes dark circles, hair loss, etc.

What is the downtime or side effects?

Minimal swelling or slight bruising might be related to the procedure. We recommend to stop aspirin or NSAID’s ONE WEEK prior to the procedure.

What are the expected results and how long will it last?

It can take four weeks for results to become apparent, with improvements seen around the six week mark. Most people report looking more refreshed and youthful, with a noticeable improvement in skin tone, color and texture. In general, the results can last 1 year.

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