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20 Reasons to do IV Therapy, Miami Intravenous (IV) therapy is a method of administering concentrations of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fluids directly into the bloodstream via a vein.

Vitamins, nutrients and minerals are naturally found in foods. When we eat different kinds of foods, we take in different kinds of nutrients. The digestive systems need to digest these foods before the nutrients are absorbed into the body. This process takes time and the digestive system also regulates the amount of nutrients absorbed. Vitamins taken orally are broken down in the stomach and digestive tracts. Your body can only absorb about 50 percent of nutrients when taken orally.20 Reasons to do IV Therapy

20 Reasons to do IV Therapy, Miami; By directly administering nutrients into the bloodstream, the nutrients bypass the process of digestion and directly go into your bloodstream. Your body is able to absorb 90-100% of the nutrients. Increase in nutrients in the body that are higher than normal blood levels can be achieved when taken intravenously. This increased level of nutrients can provide an immediate therapeutic response by correcting nutritional deficiencies that may arise as a result of diseases or disorders in the body. Higher level of vitamins and nutrients helps you to boost the immune system, maintain good health and fight diseases.

20 Reasons to do IV Therapy, Miami and benefits of IV therapy include:

Fights viral and bacterial infections

Immunity IV booster help to protect you from viral and bacteria infections by fighting them off. Your immune system is strengthened and has the ability to fight off diseases and flu that affects your health. You no longer fall sick easily because you have a strong immune system.

Reduce healing time

Immunity IV drips boost your immune system and this helps you heal very fast. If you get injured, you get heal faster. If you undergo surgery, you get healed faster. Your strong immune system ensures that you get out of the sickbed in no time and go about your normal daily activities.

Increase hydration

Immunity IV drip contains fluids that help to increase your hydration even when you are sick. Staying hydrated ensures that your cells have the needed amount of fluids that they require to work optimally. Staying hydrated is very important to your body system regardless of whether you are sick or not. Your body requires a significant amount of fluids to function properly.

Increase energy levels

Immunity IV drip increases your energy levels. B-vitamins which are essential components of immunity IV drip perform a range of vital functions including cardiovascular support, help your body convert food into energy, and enhances immune function. You feel an increased level of energy that your body needs to function optimally.

Reduce symptoms of migraines

Headaches and migraines are common symptoms of hangovers. Taking hangover IV drip helps to provide the body with the necessary amount of fluids that it needs. It helps relieve symptoms of migraines quickly.

Direct delivery

A key benefit of beauty IV nutrient therapy is the direct delivery of vitamins, nutrients, and glutathione into your body. IV therapy bypasses your digestive system straight into your bloodstream. This increases the absorption rate of nutrients and vitamins unlike topical skincare products or oral supplements.

While eating nutrient-rich foods is obviously necessary to overall health, intravenous delivery of nutrients and vitamins is the fastest and most effective for absorption.

Works from the inside out

Topical skincare products are superficial. They mostly work on the surface of your skin. Your body processes IV nutrients and skincare products differently. Topical skincare products only work on the surface body of your skin. They may only be able to change the appearance of your skin. IV therapy doesn’t only change the appearance of your skin; it works from the inside of your body. IV therapy addresses the root cause of many skin diseases and disorders. The solution works from deep within your body before providing physical results on your skin surface.

Eliminate toxins

Skincare products and dermal fillers can’t eliminate toxins. Toxins in the body can lead to acne, eczema, dermatitis, and premature aging. IV drip contains glutathione which is a rich antioxidant. It helps to remove toxins from your body.

Produce a more natural-looking skin

Skincare products and dermal fillers do not produce natural-looking skin. They may change or improve the appearance of your skin but they don’t give that natural look. IV therapy on the other hand works inside your body before you begin to see the results on your skin. It provides total body and skin health. The total health of your skin brings about a more natural-looking skin appearance.

It makes your skin glow

IV therapy makes your skin and younger. The ingredients in an IV drip which include vitamin C and B-vitamins are very essential for skin health and rejuvenation. Taking IV therapy makes your skin glow and eliminate wrinkles. After 24 hours of taking the drip, you will definitely experience a noticeable difference in the way your skin looks before and after the treatment.20 Reasons to do IV Therapy

Improves Mental Clarity

IV therapy repairs damaged cells and restore them to optimal function. It repairs damaged brain cells and improves mental clarity. You begin to experience better cognitive function, make rational decisions, stop addictions, and gain self-awareness.

Improves Overall Health

IV therapy helps to improve your overall health as it contains vital nutrients and ingredients that are of great benefit to your health. It increases your metabolism and total wellness. Nutrients are directly infused into your bloodstream so that your body can absorb up to 100% of essential nutrients for optimal health.

Increases Energy Levels

IV therapy helps to increase your energy levels in your body. It provides your cells with a high amount of energy that they need to work optimally. IV drip contains essential vitamins, Glutathione, NAD+, and IV fluids which help to increase your energy levels. An increase in your energy levels also leads to an increase in your performance. You will find it easy to engage in sports and other physical activities.


IV therapy reduces or reverses the aging effect in your body. The levels of NAD in your body begin to reduce as you grow older. Your cells begin to lack the adequate amount of energy to function optimally. Free radicals in your body begin to increase and age begins to set in. Your skin begins to lose its youthful appearance. By undergoing NAD+ IV therapy, your energy levels are significantly increased. Your cells begin to gain an increased amount of energy needed to functioning optimally. Free radicals in your body begin to decrease and the aging effect begins to reduce. NAD+ IV therapy reduces or reverses aging effects by increasing your energy levels to the state it was when you were younger.

Enhances Mood

IV therapy repairs the brain cells and makes them function optimally. You don’t need to take drugs or any other medications to make you feel good. This therapy provides a natural mental improvement that makes you feel good at all times. 20 Reasons to do IV Therapy, Miami It puts you in a better and happy mood at all times. It also ensures that you have a better and more restful sleep.

Accelerating your metabolism

Your body’s metabolism naturally slows down over time. Taking a blend of fluids, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and lipotropics intravenously helps to accelerate your metabolism, increase energy for sports and exercises. IV therapy helps your body to fight the natural slowdown of metabolism. Lipotropic in particular help to accelerate your body’s ability to metabolize fat. It helps to prevent the accumulation of fat in your liver and eliminate excess fat from your body. It helps your body to break down fats and burn calories easily and quickly which in turn leads to weight loss.

Detoxifying your body

IV drip contains detoxifiers that help to detoxify your body system, remove toxins and metals that could damage your body cells. Toxins and impurities in your body can lead to premature aging and slow your metabolism. This causes you to accumulate fat and calories leading to weight gain. Our IV drip helps to accurate your metabolism by getting rid of all toxins and impurities in your body system.

Eliminating free radicals

Free radicals in your body can contribute to cell damage, aging, and changes in your metabolism. These free radicals are unpaired electrons that are produced naturally in your body. Exercises and metabolism can aid the production of free radicals. By undergoing our IV therapy, your body can enjoy the health benefits of exercises and increased metabolism without any cellular damage.

Relieve depression

Depression is one of the symptoms of a hangover. If you have a hangover, you can get depressed and unhappy. Taking IV therapy helps to relieve depression by making you feel agile and alive. It provides you with the essential nutrients and fluids that your body needs to revive back and function optimally.

20 Reasons to do IV Therapy

Restore lost nutrients

Excess intake of alcohol can lead to loss of nutrients. Not eating balanced diets can also lead to loss of nutrients. IV drip contains essential nutrients and vitamins that help to quickly restore lost nutrients. Your body is able to absorb a higher amount of nutrients when taken intravenously.


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