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Shock wave therapy in Miami, FL

Shock wave therapy in Miami, FL

Shock wave therapy in Miami, FL

Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction: It is a procedure that involves using a device that uses acoustic waves which carry high energy to painful spots and tissues. The point promotes tissue regeneration and reparative processes of soft tissues, bones, and tendons. 

For decades, shockwave therapy has been used in orthopedics to heal broken bones, injured ligaments, and damaged tendons. It has also been used to improve wound healing and speed up cell growth and tissue repair.

What is Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

Increased blood flow to the penile tissue makes the penis expand and erect. Erectile dysfunction in men occurs when sufficient blood fails to flow to the penis. Erectile dysfunction can be addressed using shock wave therapy. 

Shock wave therapy uses a proven technology to increase blood flow to the heart. The procedure involves using low-intensity acoustic waves to repair and strengthen blood vessels in the penis, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis. By increasing the flow of blood to the penis, an erection is sustained.

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction. Alternative medicine is recommended for patients who do not respond well to medications or do not want to go through more invasive therapies. 

How does Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction work?

Shockwave therapy uses a small wand-like device that uses targeted sound waves to stimulate penile tissue and tissue regeneration and encourage blood flow. The wand-like device is gently placed on different areas of the penis. The device is moved along parts of the penis for about 15 minutes.

The device emits gentle pulses. The mild pulses trigger improved blood flow, tissue repair, and regeneration in the penis. The procedure also encourages the growth of new blood vessels. Shockwave therapy aims to improve blood flow to the penis, which is essential for erections.

Where to get Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

You can get shockwave treatment for Erectile D at MD Ageless Solutions. We provide revolutionary shockwave treatment for men who have erectile dysfunction. 

Who are eligible candidates to get Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in Miami, FL?

Shockwave therapy works best for men with vasculogenic ED. This is erectile dysfunction that occurs due to a blood vessel disorder that affects the flow of blood to the penile tissue.

It also works best for men with mild erectile dysfunction who are:

  • Not responding to medications or interested in taking drugs.
  • Not interested in invasive procedures.

Who can get benefit from Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

Men who can benefit from shockwave therapy for ED are:

  • Men suffering from vasculogenic ED 
  • Men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction 
  • Men with erectile dysfunction who are looking for a pill-free treatment or not responding to medications 
  • Men who are not interested in invasive procedures 

The low-intensity shockwave therapy procedure

This procedure is an outpatient procedure. It does not require anesthesia or a numbing agent.

It doesn’t require any special preparations.

You will be asked to lie down on your back during the procedure. Your urologist will move a wand-like device that emits gentle pulses around different areas of your penis. The mild pulses trigger increased blood flow and tissue repair. A gel will be applied to your penis. 

After the procedure 

You will be able to handle yourself back home after the procedure. You may experience minor pain during the procedure. If you practice pain, you can take over-the-counter (OTC) medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, to relieve the pain. You can come back to work the following day.

Your urologist will provide any other specific instructions.

Duration of shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction

The Shockwave procedure is a quick one. It takes just about 15 minutes to complete the process.

Advantages of shockwave therapy

  • Advantages of shockwave therapy

    Advantages of shockwave therapy

    Shockwave therapy encourages blood flow to the penile tissue, essential for erection. 

  • Shockwave therapy is non-invasive 
  • It is a safer treatment method for ED
  • It assists the growth of new blood vessels
  • It speeds up the healing process 
  • It provides improved erectile function

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in Miami, FL

Apart from shockwave therapy for ED, other treatment options for ED include:

1. Medications 

Medications used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction include sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis).

2. Lifestyle changes  

Keeping a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy diets, quitting smoking, and engaging in regular exercise may help improve ED.

3. Counseling 

Sometimes, psychological issues such as anxiety, stress, or relationship problems can cause ED. If this is you, talking with a therapist or counselor may help improve ED.

4. Treating underlying health conditions 

Underlying health conditions can cause ED. Health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are health conditions that can contribute to ED. If you have any of these conditions, treating the condition can help improve ED. 

5. Vacuum erection devices or penis pumps

These are tubes used to cover the penis and create a vacuum to sustain erections.

6. ED rings 

These are bands that fit around the base of the penis to help maintain an erection. They work by slowing the flow of blood from the penis. 

7.  Surgical penile implant 

This procedure helps men with erectile dysfunction that failed to respond or improve with other types of treatments. The process involves placing a prosthetic device inside the penis and scrotum. A surgeon will cut the penis below the head and then recognize the device inside. The device is customized to the size of the body and penis of the patient. The device helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection.

Shockwave therapy risks

Shockwave therapy is a safe and gentle procedure. However, some rare side effects may occur during and after the procedure. These include:

  • Pain around the penis during the procedure
  • Bleeding or bruising 
  • Blood in the urine
  • Skin infection on the penis
  • Painful erection
  • Penile curvature that may get worse

Does insurance cover Shockwave Therapy in Miami, FL?

Shockwave therapy is still considered experimental and has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Treatments that the FDA hasn’t approved are usually not covered by insurance.

How much does Shockwave Therapy for ED cost in Miami, FL?

A complete shockwave therapy typically takes six separate treatment sessions. The cost for each treatment is between $400 and $500. 


Is ED curable permanently?

Yes. ED can be permanently cured depending on the underlying cause. 

Is shockwave therapy FDA approved?

No. Shockwave therapy is not approved by the FDA. Shockwave therapy is currently available only as part of a clinical trial. Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction is still considered an experimental treatment. Before undergoing treatment, research providers to see if they offer experimental shockwave therapy for ED.

 As part of your research, it is advised to take the following steps before deciding whether to undergo shockwave therapy:

  • Consult with your primary healthcare provider before deciding on a treatment option.
  • Talk with a urologist for further information and advice.
  • Research and find out about the medical practitioner’s experience, knowledge, and background in providing ED treatment to know if they’re qualified.
  • Check and ask questions to know whether medical practitioners use a recognized shockwave device.
  • Research to know the total cost of the treatment beforehand, as you will be covering the cost of treatment by yourself.

How effective is shockwave therapy for ED?

Shockwave therapy for ED is very effective. A 2010 study showed that among 20 men with vasculogenic ED who had undergone shockwave therapy, all experienced improved erectile function after six months.

Is shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction permanent?

Shockwave therapy for ED is not permanent but long-lasting. Men can experience improved penile erections for two years or more.

How often should you do Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

A complete shockwave therapy typically takes six separate treatment sessions. The most common treatment plan is twice weekly for three weeks.

What is the difference between shockwave therapy and ultrasound therapy?

Ultrasound is commonly used to capture live images from the inside of your body. It uses sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of your body. It is frequently used to check and evaluate fetal development during pregnancy. While ultrasound is commonly used as a diagnostic procedure, it can also be used to treat pain relief. Ultrasound is also used as part of a physical therapy regimen.

The difference between shockwave therapy and ultrasound therapy is that shockwave uses a single pressure pulse, usually in a remote location on your body. In contrast, ultrasound uses a consistent pattern of waves, with a short amount of time between each. 

Ultrasound therapy works by sending sound waves through a transducer device. The device produced sound waves that go through the skin into different body parts, including tissue and muscle. Tiny vibrations in deep tissue molecules are caused by the sound waves, increasing heat and friction. The warming effect of the sound waves encourages healing in soft tissues.

Ultrasound can precisely target specific tissues without affecting those in the surrounding areas. 

Does shockwave therapy for nerve damage work?

Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction uses an acoustic wave of energy to repair and restore tissues, bones, and tendons. Shockwave therapy is often used as a form of physical therapy to relieve pain and restore mobility. 

Shockwaves can relieve pain from nerve damage. It helps with cell improvement and tissue repair. It helps slow and controls chronic inflammation. It increases the production of mast cells, which aid in healthy inflammatory responses. Nerve damage can occur due to an injury. Shockwaves can help stimulate new cell growth, tissue repair, and regeneration to promote recovery after an injury. 

How long does it take for Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction to work?

How long does it take for Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction to work?

How long does it take for Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction to work?

A shockwave treatment regimen usually takes three weeks. Most people often see results in 1-3 months following their treatments. 

What does Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction feel like?

The wand-like device that is moved along your penis emits gentle pulses. These gentle pulses feel like small pulses against your skin. It is painless and doesn’t cause adverse reactions to your skin.

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