IV Vitamins

IV drip treatments deliver hydration, vitaminsmineralsnutrients and antioxidants helping to optimize vital hydration balance and maximize your wellness & efficiency. Energy Booster Shots of B12vitamin DGlutathione take a short time to administer and their wellness benefits last for days. These treatments are performed by our Certified Medical Staff or medspa provider who also travel to your location via our out-call concierge service so you can experience our IV infusion treatments and energy booster shots in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your own home or hotel room.

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and certain other nutrients can produce potent drug-like effects when given through an intravenous infusion, but without the side effects of many prescription medications. IV therapy can be utilized for immediate results like energy boosts, sexual enhancement and hangover cures. This therapy can also be included in a tailored treatment protocol in medspa programs providing long term results including fat loss, fitness enhancement and toxin clearance.

MD Ageless Solutions is centrally located in South Miami. Our spa had served for more than 6 years clients all over the world. Our office is staffed with trained medical personnel who take great care to ensure you will receive the best experience and satisfaction.

Our IV Vitamins cocktails include:

1. The executive
2. Fountain of youth
3. Hangover
4. Glutathione
5. Chelation therapy

IV-vitamins therapy

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a method of administering a liquid mixture of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Normally, vitamins and minerals are naturally found in foods. When we eat different kinds of foods, we take in different kinds of nutrients. The digestive systems need to digest these foods before the nutrients are absorbed into the body. This process takes time and the digestive system also regulates the amount of nutrients absorbed. Vitamins taken orally are broken down in the stomach and digestive tracts. You can only absorb about 50 percent of the vitamins taken orally.

By directly administering nutrients into the bloodstream, the nutrients bypass the process of digestion and directly go into the bloodstream in high doses. Increase in nutrients in the body that are higher than normal blood levels can be achieved. Through an IV vitamin drip, you can absorb as much as 90 percent of vitamins. These increased levels of nutrients can provide an immediate therapeutic response by correcting nutritional deficiencies that may arise as a result of diseases or disorders in the body. Higher level of vitamins helps you to boost the immune system, maintain good health and fight diseases.

Are IV vitamins good for you?

Typically, it is people who aren’t able to eat enough food, or who have illnesses that interfere with nutrient absorption that are good candidates for IV vitamin therapy. If you have nutrients deficiency, IV vitamin therapy may be good for you. IV vitamin therapy has many benefits such as boosting the immune system, increasing energy levels, correcting dehydration, relieve stress, rid your body of toxins, balance hormones, and make your skin healthier.

However; too much of nutrients can also lead to a severe or deadly situation. There is also a risk of infection with IV vitamins. This is because IV vitamin therapy bypasses your body’s first defense mechanism against bacteria, which is your skin. When you receive too much of a vitamin or mineral, it can cause adverse effects. If you have kidney disease, taking too much of potassium and too quickly can lead to heart attack. If you have high blood pressure or certain heart condition, you could be at risk of fluid overload which could lead to kidney, brain or heart damage. Also, excessive levels of vitamins and minerals can be generally hard on the organs in your body.

Before undergoing IV vitamin therapy, first, consult with a reputable doctor to know if you are a good candidate for IV vitamin therapy in order to avoid serious risks and complications.

What vitamins are in IV therapy?

Common vitamins in an IV vitamin therapy include vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and calcium. IV vitamin therapy may also contain amino acids and antioxidants.

How long do IV vitamins stay in your system?

IV vitamins stay in your system and maintain your nutritional levels for 2-3 weeks.

How much is IV vitamin drip?

The cost of an IV vitamin drip ranges from $55 to $700.

Does IV vitamin therapy work?

According to medical experts, IV vitamin therapy is a valuable treatment option when provided by a medical professional or medspa provider. It works for many patients and many patients have seen improvements and good results.

Right now, there are still limited researches to test the effectiveness of IV vitamin therapy. There’s no published evidence that supports the use of IV vitamin therapy for serious or chronic diseases. However, individual patients may claim that it was beneficial for them.

If you are considering having an IV vitamin therapy, you should first consult with a reputable medical healthcare provider to know if you’re suitable for the procedure and the pros and cons.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy provides lots and lots of benefits. These include:

  • IV therapy ensures 100 percent absorption of nutrients and minerals for maximum effect.
  • It improves the function of a wide variety of body systems
  • It improves physical wellness, emotional wellness and wellbeing
  • It Improves immune health
  • It boosts energy levels
  • It Improves symptoms of depression
  • It Improves anxiety
  • It Improves mental clarity and cognitive function
  • It reduces the symptoms of migraines
  • It Improves symptoms of asthma
  • It combats fatigue
  • It accelerates wound healing
  • It maintains the strength of muscles and tissues
  • It prevents the damaging effects of free radicals
  • It slows the aging process
  • It strengthens hair, nails, skin, and eyes
  • It brightens skin
  • It improves blemishes
  • It reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • It provides fast and effective hydration
  • It improves athletic performance
  • It reduces recovery time
  • It improves muscle recovery
  • It maintains healthy muscle and tissue
  • It flush out free radicals that are naturally produced by exercise
  • It helps to recover fast after a competition or workout
  • It supports healthy weight loss
  • It provides fast relief from hangover
  • It helps to detoxify your body from the free radicals produced by long-term drug use
  • It repair neurotransmitters in your brain damaged by drug addiction
  • It helps to restore cognitive function and clarity
  • It helps to restore metabolic function and improve energy levels

Vitamin Infusions

Vitamin infusion means receiving vitamins intravenously. Instead of taking vitamins orally, it is intravenously infused into the bloodstream. Vitamin infusion increases the vitamin level that is absorbed by the body.


Intravenous (IV) infusion or therapy is also known as a drip.

IV Hydrations

Intravenous (IV) hydration therapy is injecting or administering fluids directly into your bloodstream. This is done in order for your body to deliver the fluids where the fluids are needed the most. IV hydration therapy is a faster and more efficient way to hydrate your body.

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