PPC Mesotherapy

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, relatively painless injection technique that has many applications. Mesotherapy promotes natural ways to enhance circulation, lymphatic drainage, and fat-burning by reversing abnormal physiology.

Phospatidyl Cholina ( PPC) meltS away fat by changing the function of Adipocyte Cell Membrane leading to reduction of fat storage and enhancing fat burning in the fat storage- Adipose cells.

How PPC mesotherapy works?

Mesotherapy involves customized injections of Phosphatidyl Choline (PPC), vitamins, herbs, amino acids or medications just under the skin in the mesoderm. The results are dramatic. After completing a series of treatments, generally over a 3 months period, patients can see marked improvements in the skin – less dimpling and the shedding of approximately 10 pounds of fat and reduction in 1 to 2 clothing sizes.

The injections are safe and virtually painless. There is no down time. Multiple injections are made into the problem areas of fat and cellulite, millimeters under the skin. Local anesthetics are used to diminish any discomfort of the injections. Pain gels or numbing creams are used after the procedure to lessen any discomfort post procedure. The procedure generally takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Generally, 8 to 10 treatments are required, but thin problem with problem areas such as “saddlebags” or “love handles”, those areas refractory to diet and exercise, may require fewer treatments. Few side effects are normally seen with mesotherapy, but can include bruising, local swelling, and tenderness at the injection sites. These generally resolve in few days.

The other components of the mesotherapy injections – vitamins, amino acids, herbs, or medications, can enhance the fat burning effect. By enhancing circulation, lymph drainage and/or cellular metabolism, the cell’s physiology (function) is improved, as well as removing toxins and by-products of metabolism.

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