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Medical Weight Loss: More and more obesity experts are now proposing a multimodal approach to weight control in the same way that many diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and cancer are treated with a cocktail of medicines.

A major impediment to controlling obesity is the simple fact that there are so many causes, and a multipronged strategy that addresses each cause is more effective in weight loss and control.

This multimodal program must address and circumvent every known factor involved in excess age-related fat storage to have maximum effect.

Physiological Changes Contributing To Age Related Fat Gain.

1. Resting Basal Expenditure Rate (2% decrease after age of 40)

  • Green tea phytosome inhibits fat absorption and digestion, reduces fat storage and increases metabolic rate and energy consumption at the cellular level.

2. Another physiological change as we get older is cellular insulin resistance

  • This results in the inability of glucose to enter the cells for energy production, high insulin levels after eating, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Extracts of seaweeds known as brown algae and phaseolus vulgaris have been shown to cause fat loss by blocking the activity of alpha glucosidase, an enzyme important in carbohydrate absorption.

3. Leptin and Adiponectin Resistance

  • Both of these substances suppress appetite and fat deposition. Irvingia gabonensis, an african herb, has been shown to control weight by virtue of increasing leptin and adiponectin sensitivity.

4. Nutritional Assessment

  • The use of detailed blood test about specific nutritional deficiencies linked to obesity.

5. Hormonal Assessment

  • Deficiencies or excess of certain hormones in the body are linked to obesity, therefore comprehensive evaluation is needed to assess these disorders.

6. ALCAT Test

  • Assess cellular response to foods and additives. Food intolerance results in chronic inflammation, tissue and DNA damage, premature aging, autoimmunity and ultimately chronic diseases.

7. Pathway Fit

  • This test provides personalized information and recommendations based on your genetics to assist you in achieving the following goals:
    • Understand your metabolism and dietary traits
    • Optimize the effects of physical activity and exercise
    • Enhance the nutritional balance of your diet

8. Stress Reduction and Adequate Sleep

9. Exercise

10. Reduction of Inflammation

  • By using specific supplements and nutraceuticals that decrease oxidative stress and DNA damage.

11. Low Glycemic Index Diet – The Key to Success

  • The glycemic index is a measurement of the impact that carbohydrate has on blood sugar levels. High GI foods (70 and above) such as sugar, white flour and rice quickly rise blood sugar and insulin production. This throws the metabolic switch into fat storage independent of the calories. On the other hand, low GI foods (55 or less) give the body a steady stream of energy and promote weight loss and increase metabolic rate.

12. Paleo Diet

  • A Paleo Diet is all about natural minimally processed foods to help achieve great health.

At MD Ageless Solutions, Dr. Yakelin Sosa will review your medical and family history, your medications, laboratory tests and physical exam. Dr. Sosa will structure an individualized treatment plan that will fit your unique profile. These include Bio-Identical Hormones (FDA-approved hormones identical to your body’s hormones like cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, estrogen/progesterone, HGH), nutritional supplements, diet plans and exercise programs. The goals of these customized plans are to:

  • Enhance the immune system
  • Increase muscle mass while reducing body fat and building stronger bones
  • Achieve high energy levels, more active and healthier lifestyle
  • Rejuvenate, diminish wrinkles, younger looking skin
  • Enhance sexual performance, increase libido
  • Improve mood, Improve sleep
  • Increase cognitive ability, Improve memory
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Prevent diseases associated with aging and premature aging
  • Look and feel years younger
  • Extend life, become healthier and stronger

Dr. Sosa specializes in customized HCG weight loss, nutritional programs, preventive and anti-aging medicine. Our goal is to assist patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to combat the effects of aging through customized medical weight loss programs, anti-aging medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Multiple factors influence our health and a combination of aging, oriented diet, Hormone Replacement Therapy, exercise and lifestyle modifications will have an impact on how and when we age.

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